"I would like to thank everyone at The Red Barn organization for putting on such a great event and also for their hospitality. I'm sure you all made Clay proud." 

​- Chris Lusby

"After returning home, this has been one of the hardest trips to unpack from. Of all the adventures I’ve had over the last few years, countless times I have landed, unpacked and gotten on with the daily grind of life, this one has changed me for forever. The hospitality, the tears, the laughter, and the memories will have an eternal effect. Thank you, brothers, families and everyone involved in the last week. Can't wait to see you all again."

​- Jeremiah Clines

"3 years ago I shared a tradition and a vision with all my brothers and Debbie Ward not knowing where it would go. Now here we are 3 years later in Alabama with all the support of an awesome community and organization‪ The Red Barn. Momma Ward definitely took off running and has made all this possible. We appreciate everything you do for us and are truly blessed to call you Momma and be a part of your family."

​- Herbert Garcia

"It's surreal to think a long-awaited weekend flew by with a blink. Most importantly, we bring awareness towards PTSD and we remember Anthony Clay Ward, who lives on within each of our memories and reunions."

- Joseph Mitjavila